• Where can I find SADAD kiosks in Bahrain?

    You can go to the section “Our locations” and have a look at the map with all SADAD kiosks. You can filter it by area or select your current location and choose a kiosk closest to you.

  • What can I pay for using SADAD kiosk?

    Currently you can pay for a whole range of VIVA and Zain services (prepaid, postpaid, broadband), buy Batelco vouchers and different types of international calling cards: Batelco 123 calling cards, UME calling cards, ViaCloud cards (CallHome, Bolo, Maak), WOW calling cards. Facebook games Zynga are also available through SADAD kiosks.

  • How can I pay?

    Cash is accepted at all our 850+ kiosk locations. We have also started the introduction of card acceptance at some of our kiosks, and we’ll update our map accordingly. Lastly, you can pay on the go using our mobile app and your debit card.

  • If I have any problem with my payment, what shall I do?

    You can call our round-the-clock call centre for any support you may need: 8000 8338. Our agent will ask for a receipt with all the details of your payment that will help us solve your problem on the spot.

  • In case the kiosk I want to pay through is not working, what shall I do?

    You can call our 24h call centre at 8000 8338 (toll-free), and we will arrange for a technical visit to the outlet. We will also let you know of the nearest SADAD kiosk to your current location, so that you do not have to delay your payment.

  • Do the kiosks give change?

    Please be attentive: kiosk does not give change so make sure you insert the correct amount.

  • How can I pay for my Batelco number?

    To recharge your Batelco account, you should choose the required denomination and you will get a receipt with a PIN code.

  • How do I pay for my VIVA or Zain number?

    There is no need to use scratch-cards or vouchers and enter PINs any more. All you should do is just press your number on the screen of SADAD kiosk and the entered amount will be credited immediately. The same applies to postpaid.

  • I am not a sophisticated technology user. Will I be able to understand how to pay through SADAD kiosk?

    SADAD kiosk is very customer-friendly and easy-to-use. There is a special menu “Help” on the interface that will give you step-by-step payment instructions.

  • I wanted to get a calling card / simsim voucher / Zynga card via SADAD kiosk. But after inserting money I did not get a PIN on my receipt.

    The reason is that to get a PIN for any type of service you first need to choose the required denomination. Once the denomination is chosen, the kiosk will wait for you to insert this particular amount. So if you insert the insufficient amount and press “Finish”, the kiosk will not be able to give you a PIN code. Therefore, please be attentive and insert the amount you chose (it will be shown on the screen) prior to pressing “Finish”. Anyway, you can call SADAD call centre and our agents will handle the problem with insufficient payment you face.

  • I want to have SADAD kiosk closer to my place. Can I share my desired location and will it be taken into account?

    Of course, we are eager to hear all your suggestions and your feedback is of utmost importance for us. You are welcome to contact our call centre 8000 8338 any time or share your thoughts and ideas via e-mail: info@sadadbahrain.com.

  • How does SADAD kiosk look?

    Please have a look at the picture of the kiosk and SADAD interface.

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